Friday, June 28, 2013

Brood patterns in lesser swarm hive

Inquisitiveness got the best of me today so I lifted the top box on the lesser hive to check to see if the new queen was laying.  And she was.  Now to see if the small number of bees can last until the new brood hatch.  All other hive are doing well.  I did notice a couple of beetles in the package hive the other day, but I think I'm just going to let the bees take care of them.  Maybe I'll put in a trap when I pull the honey next month. 

No more Cicada's, saw the last of them, scattered on the ground, today while I was walking the dogs.
Haven't seen one flying for 2 days, kind of sad.  The damage to the tips of the branches where they chew them through is amazing to see, all about 12 to 15 inches long, brown and dangling.  Some trees are completely covered, while others are sporadic.  They seen to like the young oaks the best.

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