Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer is here

When the fireflies begin to emerge and do their mating dance is the first sign of summer for me.  The three days of extreme heat and humidity finally brought them out.  Sitting on the back porch watching them light the back yard with twinkling keeps me mesmerized for hours (Always with a wine in hand of course).  I think that the Cicada's have taken a backseat now viewing wise, but the noise level surely can't be beat by them.  The noise reminds me of the movie "The Langoliers", and sometimes I'm afraid to fall asleep. 

All bees are doing fine, except one hive is missing a queen, and replacements aren't due for 2 weeks.  It has two combined swarms and they are both huddled in separate corners and won't come out to play.  Tomorrow I'm going to mix them back in with the big swarm from Sat., that hive seems to be acting more like a colony and may have a good queen.

Got a call from "Mark" and he wants me back to collect the 200 or so bees left in the eave.  Want to stop back to the seedy bar and check them out again, maybe set up the trap there sometime.   Later

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