Friday, June 21, 2013

Queen released

Its summer solstice and the queen in the lesser hive has been released and the tempo of the hive has increased.  The other hive seems to be trying to kill the queen so I sprayed them all with HBH to try and give them all the same smell.  Will check again in the morning.

Stopped in at the house with the bumble bees and found 2 still getting in.  They would land at the bottom of the wire screen and then keep bumping their head against the trap door, slowly opening it until they could crawl in.  Was amazing to watch.  Will try and get a video of it tomorrow.  Told the guy with the bees in his eave that I was not going to continue and (much to my chagrin)  he should just call an exterminator.  I might have continued but he was to cheap to understand that catching a swarm in five minutes and spending countless days trying to rid bees from a house was not the same price.  It just got to be to dangerous for me to keep climbing higher and higher trying to plug all the holes in his eave, speciously for nothing.  Later

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