Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Never disturb your hive before a storm

Today I mistakenly decided to nadir a different brood box to my package hive.  I generally work in shorts and tee shirt, that was a mistake.  A storm is in the wane and the bees were not easily put down with smoke.  The new flight bees were out circling and that was probably a good reason to delay my work, but I dove right in as usual.  I first lifted off the comb super.  They had started to build comb with honey below the queen separator so that had to be cleaned first.  That started to make them  disturbed, but not yet angry.  I then lifted the 2 brood chambers off (together) and set them aside.  At this point the bees decided that I was an intruder that needed to be dealt with so here they came.  Luckily at that point I had nothing in hand and outran all but 2, which stung me on the back of the calf.  On with the suit.  The bees had just started to build in the brood chamber I had put on a couple of weeks earlier so it was full of bees doing bee work.  I set it aside and placed the new one in its place.  Then put the hive back together and let it set for awhile.  Later I came back to check.  The bees were still in an angry mood and chased me out.  Again I returned, this time from the back.  I opened the door to the glass viewer and was assailed by bees, it seems that during all my work, one of the glass panes came undone.  Guess I'll not be viewing the progress of this brood box for a long time.

One good thing, The top brood/honey chamber is full of honey, as I had expected, so I will remove it on the 15th of next month, hopefully no storm eminent.

On another note, the constant din of the Cicada's is diminishing and you can make out their individual songs.  From the noise I thought for sure I would be swallowed by the Langoliers.  Later

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