Tuesday, July 22, 2014

False assumptions again

Today My queens arrived for my 2 hives, remember the re-queening the wrong hive indecent?  Well, today I stopped by my trap and found there to be hardly any bees, and no flight bee's.  My thought is that I have already caught the queen, so what to do with the one I just bought? Hive it and hope something happens I guess.

Got a swarm call today, whom the person swore he knew the difference between honey bee's and wasps. Guess what,  another wasted trip.  The wasps were the very small bee wasps, so I can't hold that against him.  I guess the season is over for another year.  Luckily the 2 trap outs and the split gives me 4 hives.  I checked and they are all full of honey for the winter and next years harvest.  Later

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Removed trap hive today

Kind of a nasty day out so I decided to check the trap from the bar and make sure all was well.  I looked inside and it was packed with bees, so I decided to take it down and replace it later with a new box. Everything went well, but was it heavy, kind of scary from atop the little step ladder, but I got it down without incident.  Lots of bees still coming out of the exit tube from the wall, so I have not succeeded in catching the queen yet.

When I got them back home I set up a new base and made ready to place them on it.  Because they were heavily disturbed and new to me, I decided that it would be prudent to suit up, as I never wear gloves, thr thought never occurred to me it would be a problem.  MISTAKE.  When I picked the box up off of the trap the bees came out ready for action and as my hands were the only thing they could get at ( I believe they knew I couldn't let go of the box) they began in earnest to let me know they were not happy.  I watched as my hands slowly (actually quite fast) disappear being covered by bees.  Luckily, only a few stung me, I think, as after the first onslaught, I felt no more pain.  This all happened in about 15 seconds.

Will have to order a new queen for this hive also.  Up to 4 hives now and because of the excellent weather, they are all doing great.  Later

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New foragers dancing in front of the hive

Early this afternoon, the front of the hive I just added the queen to, was buzzing with new forage bees at the threashhold.  This is not good, as the new queen should just be laying and there is no way the brood could have hatched.  This means that either a rouge queen snuck into the hive and began laying, or I put the queen in the wrong hive.  Probably the later.  I now will have to queen that hive.

On another note, I may have killed the queen in my third hive as it fell over while I was nadiring it.  The hive came to a sudden standstill and became very sullen.  I know they can re-queen so I will let them.  Later

Monday, June 30, 2014

Checked on queen today

Checked on the status of the queen this morning and they almost have her out, so I will let them do it.  They were in a nasty mood and one got me on the leg (shorts) and then they chased me to the house, where I put on my suit.  I went back and sprayed the queen with sugar water and a little Honey Bee Healthy and the area around her so they would all smell the same, that settles them down some.  She should be out this PM, hope they don't kill her.

Also checked on the trap out last night.  They have chewed through the foam I sprayed into the brick crevices so today I have to go back and do it right with mortar.

Nadired (placing the new box under the others) another box to the green hive today.  Will add another to the red hive this PM, when they settle down some.   Later

Checked this PM and she's out, picture fuzzy as I was being mobbed without protection.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Queen finally arrives

After waiting 4 days for a 2 day special delivery mailing, my queen finally arrived.  I gave her a shot of sugar water, thinking she may be dehydrated, and then began to put things together for the installation.  I had previously checked the hives for signs of laying and found that the hive I didn't expect her to be in was where the new brood patterns were.  I also decided that as long as I was opening the hive, I might as well remove the super and do a harvest.  All went well and I have a small amount to honey for sale.  Both hives should get back to normal now.

Checking this morning, the hive with the new queen is more active and tomorrow I'll check to see if they have released her.  All is well otherwise.   Later

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hive split

Yesterday I decided to split my hive as I have not received any swarm calls.  Because I do not open the hives, I have no idea which new hive the queen is in.  Today I went to one of the Staten Island beekeepers and looked for queen cells to give to my hives but because it was overcast, her bees were testy, to say the least, so I left them be.  I guess I just have to hope that whichever hive the queen is in, the other has an egg which they can create one.  If it doesn't appear they had one in a couple weeks, I'll buy one on-line.

This morning I checked the hives and the one I moved away had no activity outside the entrance, so I switched places, which allowed the in-active hive to receive all the forage bees.  By mid-day, both hives had good activity at their entrances. 

Just have to wait and see now.  In about 28 days I should see new bees doing their entrance dance. Later

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Queen laying strong

Checked the hive yesterday and found they are starting to build comb in the lowest box and the one above has bees covering every frame ( I don't use frames but you get the picture).  Have to pull the super to see if they are storing honey or just building up the hive to swarm.  Have put out a trap just in case.

The apple trees have set fruit for the first time and my apricot tree has fruit also.  looks good so far.  The Russian olive has just come into bloom so I expect the bees will be busy as this end of the island is full of it.  Last years blossoms only lasted 2 days because of the weather, but it looks good for this year.  It makes almost clear honey with a distinctive taste.

I got my first bee call last Friday, but missed it as I was at my annual derm. screening.  Think I will set out the trap today in Mariners Harbor.  Later