Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nuc monitoring

Yesterday I opened up the nuc where I had placed one of the larger swarms.  I had placed a comb of bees and brood in it on Sunday and wanted to see how it was progressing.  They have built quite a bit of new comb and in it there were eggs and larvae which means they have a queen and she seems to be laying good patterns.  Now the question is?  Is this the swarm queen? or did I accidentally move the queen with the frame I installed.  A check of the other hive in 5 days will reveal if they are making a queen cell.  The really small swarm I caught Monday is bringing in lots of pollen which is a good sign also.  Will check its progress next week.  Have no more comb to spare right now so they are on their own.  Lots of time left in the season.

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