Sunday, February 13, 2011

New octagonal observation hive

At last I was able to complete my new hive. It is 13 1/2" across, a little larger than the standard +-12 X 12 Warre hive. As you can see, it has a roof which is vented, the vents screened to prevent intruders.  Under the roof is the insulated quilt.  Each super has a door, behind which, is a Plexiglas window for viewing the bees without disturbance.  Because I like comb honey, I'm going to modify a standard section frame super to fit on top.  This of course will require an additional standard cover to fit the super, possibly a vented quilt for it also.  You ask, why bother with such a fancy roof??  It is a conversation piece for the first year while the colony is building and to use in the winter time.  Besides,  this is a fun project and I have nothing but time on my hands.  Anyone interested, leave a comment.
I can build a hive to your design.

So long til the bee's get here, happy spring.