Saturday, June 22, 2013

2nd queen released

Checked the hive this AM and found about 25 or so dead bees in front of the hive.  Yesterday I noticed what might have been robbing going on and looking into the hive I can see they have stored little honey, or, the honey they stored to date is being robbed.  If so, now they have a queen, maybe they are starting to defend the hive.  Or, maybe by spraying some of the bees surrounding the queen cage, I doomed them and the rest of the hive retaliated.  I did not find the queen amongst the dead bees.  Or, maybe they just got the ambition to clean out all the dead bees in the bottom of the hive.

The hive seems no different today than yesterday, so its hard to tell what's going on.  I don't go into the hives by removing frames, I just try to ascertain what's going on by observation of the flight bees, and the inspection window, which only shows the very outer edges of the combs.  I will be able to see honey and pollen buildup and some brood cells (I hope) in the near future.  If the queen took, the comb build-up should be seen also.

As I watched the package hive early this morning I saw that about 25% of the bees could not make it to the landing board they were so full, and crashed in the grass short of it.  They would rest awhile and then fly up and into the hive.  As I watched, they would come screaming down from above the trees and just before the hive they put on the brakes and hovered a second and then went inside.  Those to full and heavy to stop, ended in the grass.   Kind of fun to watch.  Later

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