Thursday, June 20, 2013

Queens arrived

This morning as I was removing a nest of bumble bees from a house I got the call that the package I have been long awaiting was at the post office ready to be picked up.  Finished with the bumble bees and headed for the PO.

Picked them up and they were in good shape, so after letting the bumble bees loose, I went home and installed them in both the swarm hives which have no queens.  One hive is large enough to carry over until the brood start to hatch, the other I'm not certain of so will have to keep a close watch.  Still a lot of good forage for the bees out there, so that's good.

Yesterday the back yard was alive with bees coming and going and when the new flyers came out the whole yard buzzed, or was that the Cicadas, its hard to tell.  I look around and I see the ends of branches all broken and hanging where the Cicadas have chewed them off to lay their eggs.  Natures own landscape pruners.  Later

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