Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No queens today

Mail came and no message my queens are here to be picked up, hopefully tomorrow.  Checked the trap today and found the splice had come open on the tubing into the trap.  The bees have found another entrance under the shingle siding further up the peek.  Will have to find a 30' ladder to close off all the entrances so they have to use the trap.  Will take some foam spray also, along with a better grade caulking.  Sucked up a couple hundred bees with the vac and let them go in front of the hive containing all the rest I have vac'd up.  No brood that I can see in 2 of the swarm hives, but the other  swarm hive has lots of new foragers coming out and I can see good laying patterns.  The honey filled comb is descending further down each day. 

I think I'll plug the bottom entrance to the package hive to force them to using the upper entrance in the comb super.  That will make their trip a lot shorter as they don't like going over stored honey to get up into the upper super anyway.  My plan is to remove it in July when we go to Texas to see my newly born grand child, just yesterday.  The upper brood box may get taken off too, if its full.  Later

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