Thursday, June 6, 2013

Third swarm from same house

Yesterday I got another call from Charles in Mariners Harbor and he said another swarm formed in the back of his garage.  Went to see and found them attached to a series of branches but low enough to grab.  Set up the ladder and shook most of the into one bag but those on the opposite side of the branch did not come down, so I got the other bag and tried again.  Got half of those, so tried to move the rest by hand but there were just to many branches in the way to get a good grip and the vac was out of commission so I set the trap above them in hopes they may climb in, which they started to do.  Then I went and delivered the swarm to Debra, our Staten Island Bee keepers coordinator, who had requested some if I had any extra, as I did.  As it turned out, I forgot my bee suit back at the catch site so I had to shake all the bee into the TBH bare.  One bee got stuck in my belt line of my pants and when I bent over I got stung, no big deal by now.   Did not stay to see if the bees took to the new hive.

This morning I checked on the bees at Debra's house and they have settled in nicely.  Picked up the sacks and went back to the other site to get my ladder and measured the height from ground for trapping the bee nest in the bar (got permission).  Will need to make a larger trap if its the colony that's put off all these swarms.

Checked for queen cells in the octagonal hive and was amazed at the beauty of the comb ( pictures attached) after just three weeks.  The top box must weigh over 35lb already, will have to neder  another box under as the second box is half full already.  I did add a comb super and they are working that as well.  Its a great year for nectar, may even get some honey to sell.


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