Sunday, July 7, 2013

White Oak Apiary

Just got another hit on how White Oak is not conforming to good business practices.  Seems like he ordered 2 nuc's that were never delivered and after many e-mails had to get his money back through PayPal.  That got me thinking so I ran a search and found a site where people who have been ripped off can spill there guts out.  Seems a person bought honey from WOA on line and never received it in the mail as promised.  Made many complaints and after three months of lies, finally tried to get his money back through PayPal, but they said the time period for claims had run out, so now he's out $48 bucks.  Should have read it here first. 

Next Saturday is honey day.  The package hive is working the comb super really hard and has filled the top box.  It has dropped down into the third box, so they should be good for the winter.  The strong swarm has just started building into the second box, but has 3/4 of the top box full of honey so that one I'll let go.  The other 2 swarm hive's are doing better since I installed the new queens, hope they build up enough for winter without feeding, but will if I have to.  We'll see when that time comes around.  Later

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