Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bee dance outside LS (lesser swarm) hive

Interesting note.  Today walking by the hives in the mist, the LS hive was extremely active, flying their first test flights. Forgot that today was the due day for emergence.  Looks like this hive may have a good chance for survival as there were a lot of them.  We'll see come fall whether I have to combine the two smaller hives into one good one or not.  Stopped by my favorite summer tree today while walking the dogs and just the top branches are flowered out so far, but the bees are busy working it.  The cutting I took last year didn't make it so I'll have to get another one later in the week and try again.  I stopped to admire a neighbors garden and she came over to talk and pet the dogs, took me out back to see more gardens and my bees were busy working the liatris.  She gave me a couple of new plants to lure in hummingbirds, will have to look them up when they mature.  I planted them in the garden under the butterfly bush next to the screened porch which is my favorite spot to lounge.  She says the hummingbirds really like them, can't wait. 

As I watched the bees come home this evening my thoughts began to wander.  Everyone knows that the real bee dance is when a bee returns to the hive and runs around in circles wildly telling everyone in there just where the best plants of the day are.  I have another idea.  As I watched a bee hit the landing board, it began the infamous dance, trying to entice the others, or was it.  I wonder.  Everyday new bees hit the air for the very first time and in their enthusiasm, come back so excited that they don't even deposit their load, but just spin like crazy in front of whomever will watch, saying "this was the most exciting day of my life, and you won't believe what happened".  As I watched, other bees came in and without a shred of concern, just knocked over the dancing bee and shoved her out of the way to get inside and make a deposit, guess the excitement is gone quite quickly.  Later 

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