Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tree of never ending bees

Since I've taken the hive trap down I've been collecting around 3-4,000 bees a day from my sac trap.  I put it up early in the morning and then take it down later in the day.  I shake it out in front of my hive that I've set aside for the bee tree residence.  Where they go I'm not sure, except that I know I need to be in full dress uniform for the operation.  I can feel them bumping my head and hundreds fly into my face net, attracted to the CO2 I guess.  I think some finally make there way into the hive, as its residence keep expanding.  Some may go over to the TBH and some may just fly off.  In any event, they are not in the bee tree anymore.  Today there were far less bees around, but still ferocious.  Tomorrow I'm going to take a day off and look into my hive and check to see if by chance I may have caught the queen, or the queen from the first small swam that I caught.  If so there should be eggs or brood comb.  May even have a laying worker if no queen, will be lots of drone cells if there is.  We'll see tomorrow.  Later

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