Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bee tree bees diminishing

Put out my trap again this morning and when I checked it at noon, there were almost no bees in it.  Very few flying around and the ones that were out early this morning were just hanging to the outside of the trap.  Put out a second bag and in the process, almost no bees came to greet me.  Looking into the hive I saw very little activity.  Maybe I can entice the queen out today or tomorrow as she hasn't had many workers return now for over the last 2 weeks.  They have stopped using the topmost entrance so I'm going to close that off also, but need a much bigger ladder.  No Sulfur sticks today in the mail, that means I have until Tuesday to capture the entire hive.  Keep your fingers crossed as I don't like the thought of killing them.  Later

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