Sunday, May 27, 2012

Freeing the queen

Today I let my new queen loose into the nasty hive.  She ran directly below the top bars without any reaction from the other bees.  They have seemed to be calmer today, which I had expected, but I still don't trust them, especially after the getting stung in the eye yesterday.   Inspected the TBH today also to see how things are progressing, they seen to be doing well with only the end bars not being worked.  That's 15 bars with comb, honey and brood on all of them since the swarm was installed a  month ago.  Will add more bars next week if necessary.  Also decided to add a honey comb super above it.  Will start on the transition and covers tomorrow.  My plan is to leave it on until July, and then let them store late season honey for the winter.

I have about a month to deal with this nasty hive and then it should quiet down in the back.  Would like to get another swarm call so I can populate my skep.  Going to contact the police to see if they have a contact list for swarming bees and try to get on it.  Tried 311 but no good information there.  Although my web site comes up near the top when I do a search I haven"t gotten many calls recently. 

 I found an extractor and tank for sale here on the Island at a good price so I think I will buy it for the group to use.  Will make cages for those who have TBH's so they don't have to crush the comb to get the honey.   Later

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