Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bee trap whoas.

Checked the two swarm hives today, the small one had conciderably less bees and saw no queen nor fresh sign she was there.  Could'nt find the queen in the other either but they have been busy building lots of new comb.  Some with honey and others looked like the queen had been laying.  Will check again in a few days.  They are bringing in lots of pollen so lets hope thing are okay.

Went to check on my bee trap the other day and found they had found another way out.  To date they refuse to use the funnel into the trap.  They must have chewed their way into another tree knot as they were going in an out with ease.  I got some plastic bag and tape and closed it off.  Tried to check on it the next day but they locked the gate.  Today I went back and checked.  They had tunneled under the cover I had made so back to square one.  I had made a catch sac, so I removed the bag and was going to put the sac over the hole but the bees drove me away.  One bad sting right on my bad knuckle.  Cold and wet today, so they were nasty.  I decided to let them settle for a while, and went flower shopping with Janice.  $150 later I went back and placed the bag over the second hole and began removing the old funnel.  I had to lower the base to make the new funnel fit, but no big deal.  Lots of buzzing but no more stings.  They actually were settling down as I worked.  Before I even had the apparatus set up fully, the were using it.  I watched as several went into the traps inner trap.  One found it way through and the others followed.  Hopefully I'll get them yet.  Tomorrow will know for sure.


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