Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Papering hive transfer

Today I pulled off the cover and was going to pull out the paper between the two boxes and found just a few bees.  The paper was solid, with no apparent chewing to get up or down.  When I smoked the bottom hive it went buzzing like crazy.  All the bees seem to have abandon the upper hive and moved directly into the main bottom one.  Will have to nadir the box back to the bottom when the queen arrives, tomorrow, I hope.  Should be getting a call on the nuc I bought also.  That will make three hives and the swarm season isn't over yet.  Bought a catch basket at The Christmas Tree Store the other day and made a cover for it, can't wait to try it.  The wood hoops in my catch sac broke so I ordered some of steel and will have to undo the stitches and sew in the new ones when they arrive.  Can't wait to get finished the kitchen retro-fit for our friend, it was no small job and has eaten up way to much of my time.  Should be done this week.  Later

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