Friday, May 25, 2012

NUC has arrived

Yesterday I went north to Brewster and picked up my nuc at White Oak Apiaries.  What a junk yard.  I hope his bees are better than his house keeping.  The nuc was a little lite, as the weather up there has been cold and wet and the bees hadn't multiplied as they should have.  There was hardly any honey above the brood comb and one frame was devoid of anything except open comb and a few bees hanging on.   I also picked up my queen, which he was suppose to have sent out last week, but I guess his book-keeping is as bad as his house-keeping. I put the queen in the small swarm hive and transferred the frames of the nuc to my own hive.  Today I fed them both with fondant as its suppose to rain for the next week.  My TBH can hold its own as they have plenty of stores already.

Debra from the bee club had mis-ordered two new queens for her hives so I'm going to lend her my mini queen nucs to hold them over until she can sell them.  Rainy today but I have to close up the bee tree so they can use their back yard for the one sunny day we're suppose to get over Memorial weekend.  Let you know how it goes.  Later

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