Monday, May 14, 2012

Bees from hell

I'm still trying to catch the bees in the bee tree.  Every time I close an entrance, they make a new one.  I cemented one up the other night and before I finished, they were coming out above me.  Told the owner she should cut down the tree.  I checked it the other day and the bees attacked me before I got close.  Haven't been there once without getting stung.  Must be my smell.  One got between my sleeve and glove and pumped me full of venom as I couldn't scrap it off.  Yesterday my whole arm was swelled up and red with rash.  Anyway, I pulled my new trap and put back my sac-trap.  As I was carrying it to the car, I felt it very light so didn't expect much.  When I got home I papered between the one box I had put the small swarm in and the set the new catch box in place.  I then pried off the temp cover to place the permanent one on and to my surprise the catch box was completely full of bees.  Not sure if I got the queen yet or not.  Will check in a couple of days for brood.  Tomorrow I'll pull the paper.  Maybe my new queen will be here and I can put her in, if I find one in the hive, I'll kill her for retribution and for producing such mean bees.  Since I've put all the bees in one hive, they seem to be settling down somewhat.  I can even stand next to the hive, something I couldn't do last week.  Much to my dismay, I,m going to gas the tree, I've taken about as many bees out as I can and the two little kids in the house want their back yard back.  Both are allergic to bees.  They were nice enough to let me trap for a month.

Today I checked out a call from a guy who said he had bees in his shrubbery and was afraid for his kids.  I told him I would check it out as they were not far from my bee tree.  My feeling was they were probably bumble bees.  To my surprise (again) they were not.  Went home and looked them up and found them to be Mining Bees (Family Andrenidae), a form of ground dwelling bee that burrows into the soil and lays its eggs, then forms balls of nectar and pollen and pushes them down the hole for the larvae to feed on.  They are harmless so I hope he doesn't kill them.

Seems like it for the day,  Later

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