Thursday, May 7, 2015

1st swarm of the season

On Tuesday this week, I was installing the new bottom board w/Beetle Jail to the strongest hive and in the process, several of the combs slid down and what a mess that made.  I worked the hive for about an hour rearranging the boxes and called it a day.  Weds. the bees were getting back to normal but there was a mass that had collected under the hive on the screened bottom board, I thought that I had probably killed the queen.  Throughout the day I would scoop them up and put them on the landing board and in they would go.  Today, much to my surprise, just as I had earlier predicted, the bees swarmed.  I was cutting the lawn and when I passed the hive, it was amass with flying bees.  My first thought was that they were absconding after the trauma of Tuesdays event, but I sat down and watched and soon they began to gather on my Red bud tree.  I was in the act of gathering my swarm gear (I am always prepared as you can see) when something caught my eye by the garage.  It was three Fireman with their big red truck standing and watching.  I yelled over something about someone complaining already but they were just on a routine stop, someone had turned me in as having a business in my garage and were here to confirm. It had the neighbors going though. I showed them how to scoop up the bees by the handful without cover but the bees I think remembered me and began bumping so I covered up and caught the whole batch and put them in my new Queen castle I had made.  Interested, the I gave the fireman a lecture on bees and they sent me this picture. One of the fireman has allergies and said he would be back when I had honey.  So far the bees have settled right in and I noticed that new brood hatched from the parent hive as there were many new bees dancing in front of the hive.

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