Sunday, May 10, 2015

2nd swarm

Today was Mothers day and we had commitments for brunch.  I worked the bees this morning (see previous blog) and watched for swarm activity.  At 11 I went in to shower and finished, said that I didn't think the bees would swarm today as it was too overcast.  I dressed and went back outside to check the queen castle and heard a lot of buzzing and looked up to see this swarm in my Tulip tree.  I ran inside and grabbed my basket, then set up the ladder and shook them out.  Put them in a hive box and waited.  Unfortunately I missed the queen, but she did call and say it was time to go.  As we drove out of the yard I could see that the swarm ball had grown back to full size.  My only hope was they might use one of the bait boxes I set out.  No such luck, I came home to an empty tree and 2 empty
bait boxes.  Hopefully a neighbor will call and I can bring them back home.  One more to go, or maybe some secondary swarms.  Later

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