Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers day to all deserving mothers out there.

Today on inspection of my queen castle I found hundreds of dead and dying bees at the entrance and in front to the hive.  Nothing seemed wrong with them other then they couldn't fly and no other familiar signs of Nosema or K-wing disease so I took samples to send to the Maryland bee lab. Maybe they got into some pesticide or something.  

The other two hives are fine, except the parent hive of the swarm had hundreds of beetle larvae in the under trap.  Its good the bees are hygienically cleaning but very disturbing to see that many larvae. No beetles in the entrance trap, so it must be from a wintered over batch.  Going out to celebrate today so I hope the other hives don't swarm, put some new Lemongrass oil in the 2 swarm catchers I put out just to be sure.   Later

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