Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Aconite bulbs blooming

Last fall I purchased 100 Aconite bulbs for my bee garden. Even though I had 3 trusty squirrel guards, the squirrels had a field day and all that came up to bloom this springs were six plants. As fat as the squirrels got, you would have thought the dogs would have gotten at least one. The bees are enjoying them anyway.

Yesterday I cleaned up my comb honey boxes and then placed one on my one hive.  A little early, but thought I would see how it will compare to the next one I set the 1st on May.   Still kind of chilly at night so I plugged up the upper entrances for the time being.  Today the activity in this hive was acting as if the brood had hatched because for a short time a ton of bees came out and began circling and then left for parts unknown to gather nectar and pollen.  I pulled the last of the insulation off today and put it away for the summer.  Later

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