Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring opening

The temps hit above 60 today so I decided to open the hive and install pollen patties and Beetle control traps, which I made from CD diskettes, with D-earth and Boric acid (watch the Fat Bee Man U-tube on that).
   I decided that I wouldn't smoke and the bees from the hives all remained quite content, even though they didn't know me from Adam.  I should say all but one, a lonely bee decided to commit suicide and nailed me on the wrist.  Maybe he was the only one leftover from last fall and was getting even for something.
   I checked the Cedar shavings (which are my hive blanket) and they were totally dry.  I guess having the area vented above the shavings works.  Lots of bees in the attic so the queens are doing their jobs.
I didn't touch the feral hive as the nuc box is still on top.  Will deal with that after the flow.  Later

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