Saturday, March 14, 2015

Winter has finally broke

Wednesday the temp were in the 50's so I removed the insulation from the south side of the hives and almost immediately bees came out of all three hives and began their evacuation flights, you could almost here the sighs of relief.  I cooked up so syrup and HoneyBHealthy and placed it in the lawn between all the hives.  They found it forthright and within a couple of hours the 2 quarts were gone.  After they were done flying, I picked up the feeder and brought it inside to clean and refill.  I found that many bees had crawled inside and became soaked with the sugar water and had died, so I tossed them in the trash.  The next morning I found all the bee's alive and waiting at the rim of the trash bin so I collected them in a basket and waited for the temp outside to warm so I could bring them back.  I then refilled the feeder and placed it back outside.  Cool day so not to much activity.

Today I spent repairing my catch sacks, the wood spreader hoops I had used, broke, so I had ordered new metal ones which arrived yesterday.  That task is complete.  I have been laid up with bruised ribs from a bad fall and the door to the garage froze closed with ice 2" deep so no work over the winter.  I had planned on completing several more hives to sell and will now have to make up for lost time. Later

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