Thursday, March 19, 2015

Transitioning from nuc to octagonal hive.

Through the last several years on beginning bee keeping I have slowly but surely become a natural bee keeper.  I did not open any of my hives last year except in July to see if I had surplus honey that could be harvested, which, because I had split my one surviving hive, I did not.  Last year I was asked to remove some bees and found that someone had placed a nuc on the back porch of a building and it had attracted a swarm.  The year before, a bee keeper was called to remove some bees from this building and I believe he just forgot to take the nuc box home.  I watched the box occasionally throughout the summer, hoping he would remove it and when he didn't, I did.  Because my hive is only 14 inches across, I could not just transfer the frames from the nuc, so I added a new cover to my hive and cut a hole out the size of the nuc and then just placed the nuc on my hive, upside down.  I added an entrance hole at the top for ventilation and access for the bees.  I will leave it in place until this July, at which time I will remove it and place the original cover back on.  Any bees will be swept back into the hive and all honey will be harvested.  Photo's show nuc with winter insulation wrap.  A visual inspection from the viewing window indicates that the bees have built comb all the way to the bottom box.

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