Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Robbing has ceased

The pile of bees in front of the hive is over a inch deep.  I guess the little buggers from the feral hive ran out of bees or just gave up.  Almost all the bees now are drones, kicking and squirming, trying to get back in.  Both hives are cleaning house nicely. Checked my beetle trap again and only found one, so it looks like I'm getting that under control. 

Its starting to get chilly in the evenings, so I put on a layer of insulation to the top boxes, but left the south side exposed, so the sun can warm up the hives during the day.  The bees are very active today, lots of pollen gathering, probably from the Goldenrod, although they are working my Aster quite nicely (when the Bumble bees let them), will have to plant more.

Its off to northern NY this weekend for the Grouse opener and try my luck on fall salmon.  Later

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