Monday, September 9, 2013

Merged another hive to the other swarm hives

Today I decided that, after a close inspection of the absconded hive, that there seemed to be no major problems inside the hive.  So I made ready the top of the merged hive and placed paper over the top and then placed the two boxes on top and replaced the cover.  We'll see how that goes.

Funny thing, Sat. when we did our inspections of the hives at the Meetup, I found that the first merge of the four boxes combined, did not really create one large colony, but there are two colonies inside, each living as if the other does not exist.  They use the same entrance and don't seem to bother each other, especially since the upper colony bees have to go through the first colony space to reach there own.  What's going to happen to the third colony, sitting atop the second? I wonder.  Will have to monitor and see.

The best hive is still doing great (knock on wood).  I did a mite dusting and it came out clean, but there are some beetles.  I placed a trap on the top bars and it created a place for the beetles to hide, so every day I open up the cover and squish them with my thumb.  At fist I would see twenty or so, but yesterday I was down to 2.  Think I may have something, as in my hives there is literally no place for the beetles to hide, and the bees chase them all over.   Works for me, will have to do the same for the other hive to.   Here's a Pic of my now three colony high shared stack.  Later

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