Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mite check on absconded hive

Tuesday I pulled the board under hive 2, to get an idea of why they absconded.  Absolutely no mites, not even one.  But the board was full of wax moth larvae.  That afternoon the hive was a buzzing with bees, robbing no doubt, and it was after that , that I pulled the board.  My thought is that with all the activity in the hive, most of the wax moths were nocked to the bottom and out the screen onto the board.  I think the wax moths moved in after the bees left, as the hive was literally un-attended, but who knows for sure.  It was a fairly strong hive to begin with, so I don't think the moths moved them out.  Still no answers and probably never will have.

It was good that the hive is mite free, as I want to join what is left with the other swarm hive, #3.  Will do that on Saturday.  I'm giving a small talk on winterizing hives this Sat. so may do it then, as I'll have help. 

By the way.  If you try to freeze your wooden wear after a moth infestation, it takes more than 2 days to kill then.  I scraped the worms from the board after 2 days in the freezer and put them in a plastic bag for Sta., and an hour latter they were all back alive.  My suggestion would be to seal up your equipment in a plastic bag and put in moth balls.  Keep it outside for the winter, than scrub it with a bleach solution before reusing it.  Later

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