Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Staples clean of bees

  Stopped by Staples Sunday PM and found only three bees inside.  Went back Monday and found none.  Guess it was the conduit that they were entering from and it took a couple of days to clear after I stopped it up.

  Bees were hanging around the old hive entrance so I put up the ladder and checked.  I missed a small opening with the caulk so a few were going in and out.  Fixed that and within an hour most had abandoned  the area and began using the alternative hive entrance.  Will check on progress every week or so till they make the transfer completely.

  Been getting a lot of calls concerning Paper wasps, surprising how many people can't tell the difference between wasps and honey bees.  It takes a long time to convince them what they really are after they describe them to me.  I even had one person send me an email photo of a paper wasp nest and telling me that a beekeeper from upstate had identified it as a honey bee nest.  Probably, you know who.  Later

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