Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flurry of activity in Nasty hive

What a turn around since I fixed the insulation blanket problem in the hive.  Today for the first time, almost exactly 21 days since it was discovered the insulation was missing, bees are circling at the entrance.  There's still hope for recovery if the nectar flows.  Last night I saw bees clinging to the top of the second brood box and all the top bars seem to have comb.

Attached the connecting tube to the bee trap this morning and saw bees coming out of the trap a little later.  Wanted to do it before they came out for the morning hunt but Staples didn't open early so a lot of bees circling the old entrance.  Eventually they will move to the smell of the new hive.  More bees showing up inside so I'll be vacuuming them up for awhile I guess.  Still can't find the way they are getting in, has to be through a conduit, but which one?  Later

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