Friday, August 10, 2012

Second visit to Staples

Went to Staples this morning and installed the bee trap and plugged all the entry holes, turned out to be 5 altogether and they were even going into a conduit for the security light (which I plugged).  When that was completed I went back inside, kind of knowing that now that the bees in the conduit can't get back outside they would be inside.  Guess what?  back home to get the vac, which I knew I should have brought with me.  Came back and found and removed about a hundred bees.  Will check back in the AM to see if that's the lot of them.  I didn't make the final connection to the trap as I wanted to do that after dark when they were all back at the nest.

All the bees I loosed yesterday in the back yard decided life was better elsewhere and flew the coop.  Maybe they assimilated into the other hives, or just flew off, either way they are not a Staples problem anymore.  Knowing that I work without protection, the staff has become brave and come into the storage area when I'm working to check things out.  Maybe they think I'm their great protector!!!  Later

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