Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hurrah, First official paid bee removal

Got a call from the local Staples on Monday morning saying that their storage room was full of bees and was I able to remove them.  Of course I obliged.  Visited the site and found that an exterior security light had come loose providing a perfect entry point into the concrete block cavity.  Recently a bunch decided to explore and found an entry into the store.  Luckily it was in the storage area and as they were attracted to the lights, would make an easy removal process.  Went back home and gathered my gear but unfortunately I came down with the flu and was laid up for a day.  The staff were still overwhelmed to see me when I finally arrived for the removal because they were afraid to go into the room with so many bees.  They hadn't been stocking the shelves for 2 days.  Set up the equipment and in 3 hrs had the place clean,(except for a few stragglers of course).   Went out back to access the second stage for removal of the hive bees and queen if possible.  Will set up the trap later in the week.

Will put the new bees I caught in with the nasty hive, that's four different mixes of bees for that hive.  Since I found and fixed the insulation blanket, the bees in the Nasty hive have really responded and have added four new comb and many, many new bees.  They seem to be non-stop bringing in pollen for the brood.  I guess they know its late in the season and really want to make it through the winter.

Took off the super I placed on the TBH as the bees refused to work it.  My guess is there isn't enough nectar around this summer as the hive combs are full only about 3 inches down, even on the ends.  So much for that experiment. Later

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