Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dance of the honey bee

The swarm I placed in my TBH has become an official colony today, as the first bees to hatch came out for their orientation flights.  I love to watch them dance in front of the hive, circling, circling ever so larger, than after many minutes, gaining the courage to take off for who knows where, to fulfill the last stages of their life, unselfishly bringing in nectar or pollen for the others, knowing all along that nothing will be for them.  Free of the hive at last and the drudgery's of cleaning and tending the very young, then flying with the wind with only an occasional bird or car to worry about and instinctively knowing how to get back.  I had watched them gathered on the threshold of their entrance last night, anxiously waiting, they couldn't sleep, just hoping the weather would change and they would be given the okay to go.  Not right away of course, the older bees would have to lay an invisable course for them to follow to the flowers.  Then the word would spread and they would start to trickle out, than more and more would be flying at the entrance.  Soon, and as fast as it had begun, they would make a last circle and head for the sky, the hive would be back to normal.  How long would they be gone? only the distance would tell.  Later

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