Friday, June 1, 2012

Bee Penthouse complete

Finished working on the expansion of the TBH today and beat the storm that's coming in.  I added a narrow regular super filled with comb boxes.  I chose the TBH as it has the most active bees.  The colony is strong and I am hopeful that they can fill the super with good honey before the end of July, at which time I will remove it and let them store for themselves the rest of the year.  Here's a picture:  It has a removable cover so if I wanted, in a good year, I could add more supers on top.  This year is iffy weather wise, as the blooms are very short lived. 
The swarm I caught on Monday has 1 1/5 combs built already.  Not bad for the size of the colony.  I'm thinking they may be fine by winter time.  The other hive I added the queen to, I'm not so sure about.  Still have three weeks to go before I see any increase in bees.  Then I'll feel better.  Got stung on the nose yesterday while trying to put the cover back on the hive.  I had been working on it for quite some time too.  They are extremely tame, even let the dogs stick their noses right into the entryway without giving them trouble.  I do of course, because if they attack the dogs their liable to come for me.

Checked on the bee tree today and found a few bees working below one of the holes I plugged up.  Not sure whats going on but I told them I'm done and to call an exterminator if they return en mass. Later

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