Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 hives queenless

Yesterday I examined all my hives.  The small swarm which I thought was doing so well was queen-less, so I papered them into the nasty hive which I had previously given the queen to.  There was fresh brood in the comb so I think they will be fine.  My nuc is still queen-less and the frame of bees and brood I added hasn't started a queen cup so there must not have been any new larva.  I've been studying up on queen making so tomorrow I'm going to try and find some day old larva from the TBH and make some queens.  With my eyes that should be something.

Haven't heard a word from White Oak Apiaries so scratch them off your list of good people to work with.  I got half of what I paid for and no queen to boot.  Will have to post some bad things to say about them on the web.  Oh, I'm doing that aren't I.  Later

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