Monday, January 13, 2014

Still holding on

The snows of early January, along with sub-freezing temps, have now been followed with above normal temps.  So yesterday with the thermometer at 60 degrees, I lifted the cover of the last remaining hive to check on the bees.  I could not see any bees, nor was there any warmth coming from the hive, so I had resigned myself that, again, I had lost my hives.  Four years in a row.  But this was different as the last three years the bee just flew away on a warm day in January.  Now, I supposed they had frozen to death.  I thought that I had prepared for the winter.  Should I have lifted off the top box? as there seemed to be no activity in it for some reason, who knows.

But today with the temps in the upper 40's, I visited the hive to lift it up and check for all the dead bees on the floor board and much to my surprise, the front of the entrance was littered with dead bodies thrown out from spring cleaning and many bees circling the hive.  hurah, I may make it yet this year with my rag-tag bunch.  Keep your fingers crossed.

On another exciting note, my daughter flew to Brisbane to began a 12,000 mile yacht race from Australia
to Singapore to Quindau China and then to San Francisco.  She started off Sunday, and at present is in 1st place. The first leg being 30 days at sea.   Later

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