Saturday, January 18, 2014

Clipper race day 3

Sailing day 3. Thought you might enjoy the daily Cap'ts blog. Temps in the 90's.

Sailing with a kite up is so much more fun than reaching along under Yankee. The trade winds were meant to be followed, not crossed. The crew on deck are happy (let's not talk about the sweaty bodies down below) and we are rotating positions around giving them a chance at helming and trimming downwind under kite. We are making the most of the current conditions as within the next 24 hours we will likely be becalmed on an oily flat sea and searing heat. Our only chance of respite is if there is significant squall activity to give us some cooling cloud cover, although that comes with its own set of challenges. What the whole team is most happy about is to be racing again. Australia and our misfortunes there have been left in our wake and we are looking forward to new horizons. Soon we will be rounding the tip of Papua New Guinea and into waters none of us, myself included, have yet sailed.

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