Saturday, January 18, 2014

Clipper race Heather introduction

Because some of you have never met Heather, I decided to introduce her to you.  She began her sailing debut at the age of 12 days, with a late autumn Columbus Day sail with her parents and 2 of her life aunts on the Hudson river, north of NYC.  Summers were always sailing, although she learned all of her skill through osmosis, as I cannot remember her helping all that much.

She spent many summers with us and our friends sailing up and down Long Island Sound and the east coast. So after getting her masters degree from Columbia, she decided that before embarking on a career, she would continue with the sailing career which she loves and which had supported her through and after grad school. One summer day in 2012, the Clipper race fleet stopped in NYC, I happened to be in NYC that day and wandered down to the docks and talked to them and mention this to Heather, she contacted them and got the bug to join the 2013-14 race. So she scrimped and saved (this race is expensive) and joined the ranks in Brisbane Australia, where her portion of the race, and probably a new life, began.

You can follow the trials and tribulation through this site.  If you want to see what the experience would be like, see my clipped together video on YouTube:    Http://

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