Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sept and bees coming on strong

After a nasty bout with a kidney stone I finally checked the hive for a fall progress report.  All hives have been very active.  The inside hive has been building new comb, three since I last checked, in the lower brood box and filling with honey.  Most of the bees have moved down although I haven't seen the queen in all that mass of bees.  The nasty hive I think has built up to a wintering over size but still no activity in the lower box.   A few hanging from the upper bars.  With all the fall activity, they may finish on top and begin comb below, would be good to see.  May have to feed anyway to be sure.   The TBH is just moving along, doesn't get any bigger or smaller.  Seems to have a queen who knows how to run a business.  Must be a republican as she didn't need any outside help.  I expect to catch a big swarm from it in the spring, then sell it along with a new octagonal hive as a complete package.

 Almost out of last years honey so I might take a bar this weekend.  May have the troops over for a Saturday get together/talk on wintering bees and harvesting.  Later

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