Monday, September 24, 2012

Beetles in the hive

Yesterday I found 2 hive beetles in my nasty hive.  They moved into the feeder where the bees could not go.  I mushed them with my finger.  I guess that's what those larvae were from, at least I think.  Things to note;  don't use Honey-Bee-Healthy to only feed 'one' hive.  It causes instant robbing.  I had to close off the hive there were so many bees trying to get in.  It took another day after the food was gone for the hive to settle down but even today there were a few stragglers trying to get in.  The bees became very aggressive and for the first time even went after the dogs, didn't take them long to learn where not to go tho.  Had a few bees sticking to my cloths but no stings.  Will wait to feed again after it get colder I guess.

Had the group of SI bee keepers here for a meeting on Sat., which went well I thought.  Handed out some bee plant seeds as party favors.  We tasted some Mead and a new grapefruit drink I learned to make at last weeks festival in Rockoways.  Not much else going on.  Later

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