Sunday, September 16, 2012

More little worms

Yesterday I pulled the bottom board to the nasty hive and found five brood pulled from the comb.  One was still alive and the others were sucked dry.  I also found 4 more little worms.  I went to the Honey fest. in Rockaway, taking some samples with me.  I asked a long time beekeeper about the problem and after looking at the worms, said he had never seen such a thing.  This morning I found no dead brood but did find six or more worms of various sizes, from 1/16 in to 1/4 in, in length.  The look somewhat like a hive beetle larvae but I think they are much to small, and I see no beetles in the hive.

Today I sent the photo and history to the labs at Ithica for identification and what to do about it.  I also did a thorough inspection of the hive, even with a magnifying glass and found nothing unusual, just a strong hive.  Go figure.  Later

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