Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bees upsizing

Been awhile,  Saw the queen a couple times moving from comb to comb.  Still a little thievery going on but the hive is defending itself more as I saw them carrying out a dissected bee, kicking and screaming.  The afternoon playtime has had a drastic increase in bee population buzzing around the entrance,  getting ready for the fall harvest I guess.  Four full combs built in the second box, they seem to be working harder with the colony increase, more nectar also to make wax.  The pollen is coming in, in heavy loads, maybe from the Rose-of-Sharon. 

Took the dogs to the beach and saw some bees working the flowering vines, not sure what they are tho.  My little bee garden I planted doesn't seem to be working, for my bees anyway.  See all kinds of bumble bees and wasps.  Saw a hummingbird there also, rare for Staten Island.  The garden seems to be to close to the hive as they fly right on by.  Left some broccoli go to seed, and they were working that tho.  They love my squash bloosums, tho they said they prefer them fried.

Nothing to heavy from this site, just mindless chatter.


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  1. Dave, r u free on sept. 29th we might finally have a meet up.