Monday, September 5, 2011

More new comb

After hurricane Irene, which left this area unscathed, the bees have been in a frenzy building new comb.  Six so far in the second box.  They need to complete the box by autumn to survive the winter.  Here's hoping.

On another note, I wrote to 2 experts on autism and asked if anyone was studying the correlation of neurotoxic pesticides and the sudden increase in autism since the introduction of this pesticide.  One has replied as a no, and I haven't heard from the second at UND.  Maybe now that's school has begun, I might get a response, who knows, can't hurt and I can wait.

Fall is upon us soon and the dogs are getting anxious to hit the fields for birds,  bee keeping will go on hold at that time I guess.  Have a Meetup with local bee keepers at the end of the month at my house, good to meet new people, but at my age, everyone is a new person .  Later.

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