Sunday, July 3, 2011

New queen installed

Sat., July 2

Well,  my wife and I drove the 110 mi out to Pa. to pick up my new queen.  Had to pass Cabela's twice and got the cold shakes both times, but managed to keep going by.  Picked up the queen and headed back after a little NJ shopping on the way.

After everything was put away I took the queen out to the hive.  What a buzz they were making, louder than I've  hear before.  Although some of the new bees were out doing their test flights, most were inside the hive.  Stoked up the smoker and lifted the lid a little and puffed a few into the top and waited, then lifted the matt, smoked some more and pried over the bars and inserted the queen cage between the bars (had already poked a small hole in through the candy to give the bees a start chewing thru.).  Placed the top back on and waited.  It took all a five minutes and the hive became almost quiet and has stayed that way since.  Today they are out gathering, even in the rain.  Much new comb being made.  They are also chewing through the plastic comb which was stuck up against the glass window so they can crawl back and forth.  Wondering if plastic comb is detrimental to the wintering hives???  Will check on the progress on Tues. and see if she is out, if not I'll release her myself (carefully this time).  Let you know how its going.

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  1. Can't wait to hear, about your progress. Good luck!