Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wrong move again

If you believe in holistic medicine and bee stings are good for Rheumatism, than I'm good for at least a couple more years.  Yesterday after putting feed in the merged hive, I had some left over so I put some in an entrance feeder for hive #2.  This afternoon I saw it was empty so I decided to remove it.  I guess the bees figured it was theirs to keep because they came at me with a vengeance.  I only wear shorts and a t-shirt working the bees normally and these had been exceptionally docile so I thought nothing of going in and removing it as I had done many times before.  Mistake,  I got nailed three time on the ankle and once on the hip through my shirt.  I can only guess that maybe there was some robbing going on and that made them really aggressive.  Will have pay more attention from now on.

I have a bee meet-up coming in 2 weeks, better have them bring suits. 

The merged hive is going great guns since the merge with lots of new comb being built, will have to feed again as its better to feed to make comb than let them waste all that energy bringing in nectar for comb building and not honey storage.  Later

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