Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation over

Just got back from a 2 week trip to TX seeing my brand new great grand daughter.  By the time I left they were calling me the baby whisperer because every time she cried they would give her to me and she would stop within minutes.  Only saw one bee hive on the whole driving trip up and back and that was just across the river in NJ.

Anyway, checked on the bee's.  While clearing weeds in front of the hives they came out to meet me and stung me on the hand, must have been in the weeds I was picking. Good to be back.  The lesser swarm hive hasn't improved a bit, but the other (#3) has filled the top box and is extending into the lower one.  Will have to combine the two later in the fall for sure.  Everything is still green, unusual for August, even the clover is still blooming.  I've noticed that where-ever the bumble bees hang out, the honey bees stay away, so much for planting honeybee friendly flowers in my yard, its full of bumble bees, but they are suffering too from diseases so its good to see them doing well.  Later

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