Thursday, May 23, 2013

One new package dead

As of this morning I am officially stating that my hive is dead.  There is no queen and only about 3-4 hundred bees hanging in a cluster.  My Oxalic acid finally came ( to late) but I gave them a dose anyway.  If I can, I will put a swarm in with them and monitor.  Still no word from NBL, so can't be sure why they died but am still clinging to Tracheal mites, but as fast as the colony died, 11 days, I can't be sure.  Will just have to wait and see.  Other hives still going strong.  Suppose to rain for the next three days so I gave them a last dose of syrup for comb building.  One bee was bound and determined to sting me but I got away both times as she chased me all the way to the house.  Neighbors must think I'm crazy, running and swatting across the yard.  Later

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