Friday, May 17, 2013

Cicada's are here!!!

We have been waiting patiently for the ground to get warm enough for the 17 year Cicada hatch.  While mowing the lawn, I bumped the Rose-of-Sharon tree and the cicada's hit the air.  They crawl out of the ground, shed their skin and because they can't fly far, its kind of flap your wings like crazy and angle for the ground kind of flying, unless it is able to catch a thermal, it can actually make it up in a tree.  The higher they go up trees, the better chance of flying to a mate. 

I remember the last time (1996), my wife and daughter had gone shopping and about an hour before they got home I went out back and stood still in the middle of the yard.  The Cicada's began to crawl up my legs, HUH OH,  I had shorts on.  I ran for some duct tape and by the time my wife returned, I looked like one of these photo's of the girl covered by bees.  Sorry, no photo available.

The only bees I see coming out of the diseased hive are ones that are coming out to die.  To Bad, I wish I really knew what's going on.

Last year I had trouble inspecting my TBH because the weight of the honey kept breaking the comb off into the bottom of the hive.  So this year I have been making my section boxes shorter and have added a wire support to the frames, should do the trick.  Later

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